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08 June 2007
Sarwono Awaits Constitutional Court's Decision

Jakarta Gubernatorial candidate, Sarwono Kusumaatmadja, acknowledged he could not register as gubernatorial candidate because he was not supported by a political party.

“I can't register anymore,” said Sarwono after attending the material review trial of the Regional Governance Decree at the Constitutional Court, today (7/6).

Now he is waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Court which is still in the middle of its Regional Governance Decree judicial review.

“Because I chose the independent lane,” said Sarwono.

The former Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister acknowledged the experts' statement during the Regional Governance Decree judicial review that there should be an opportunity for independent candidates to become regional leaders.

“A non-party lane is in fact needed,” said Sarwono.
He then made an analogy of his candidacy as the Regional Representatives Assembly (DPD) member.

At that time Sarwono did not need to have support from any political party in order to become a DPD member.

“I was elected by the people without going through any political lane,” he said.

The Jakarta Governor Election entered the last day today for the registration of gubernatorial candidates and the deputies at the Regional Election Commission (KPUD) Jakarta.

However, so far there has not been any candidate pairing who have registered at the KPUD.

As already reported, the pair of Sarwono and Jeffry who was previously put forth by the National Mandate Party (PAN) and the National Awakening Party (PKB) have canceled their participation in the Jakarta Governor Election because they did not have 15 percent of the votes of the Provincial Legislative Council (DPRD).

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