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18 May 2007
Producers Lower CPO Sales Price

The producers of crude palm oil (CPO) lowered the sales price at the factory level to Rp6,100 per kilogram starting yesterday (14/5). On Friday (11/5), the CPO sales price was Rp6,500 per kilogram.

By the decrease of the CPO sales price at factory level, it is expected that the price of cooking oil can decline to between Rp6,500 and Rp6,800 per kilogram, as expected by the government. The national average retail price of cooking oil is still Rp7,900 per kilogram.

This was an agreement between the government and CPO and cooking oil producers during the cooking oil price evaluation meeting at the Trade Department yesterday.

In the agreement in early May with the producers, the Trade Department threatened it will impose sanctions in the form of a hike in CPO export levies if producers could not lower the cooking oil price to Rp6,500-Rp6,800 on June 1.

Industry Minister, Fahmi Idris, said that producers were ready to supply between 100,000 and 150,000 tons of CPO to Java and outside Java. “As much as 80 percent goes to Java,” said Fahmi after the meeting.

Director General of Agriculture Products Marketing and Processing at the Agriculture Department, Djoko Said Damardjati, said yesterday that producers who are not in the Indonesian Palm Oil Entrepreneurs Association were also willing to provide 10,000 tons of additional CPO, which only awaits the approval of company leaders in Malaysia.

The price of cooking oil up to last weekend in several regions was still high.


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