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15 June 2007
Humpuss To Issue US$400 Million In Bonds

PT Humpuss Intermoda Transportasi Tbk. plans to issue bonds worth US$400 million to purchase five ships this year. Earlier, this company that runs a sea transportation business planned to obtain a banking loan to fund its expansion.

Agus Darjanto, President Director of Humpuss Intermoda, said that based on analysis the company has carried out, it had been decided not to obtain a banking loan.

“If we borrow from banks, there is little ‘room to move,’ despite us needing a large amount,” he said after holding a press conference following Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders in Jakarta yesterday (13/6).

Agus said the bonds that will be issued comprise of senior debt amounting to US$350 million with eight year period and junior debt of US$50 million with five year period.

The funds will be the sources of the company's expenditure up until to 2010.

He went on to say that after purchasing the new ships, the company plans to continue securing the company's assets in order to look for new loans.

The funds, said Agus, will be used for refinancing all the company's debts, including bond obligations.
Humpuss has allocated US$159.6 million (around Rp1.4 trillion) to purchase five new ships.

According to Agus, the five ships consist of Panamax ships and chemical tank ships.

As regards Panamax, those we are aiming at are that like the ships of Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Korea,” he said.
In terms of chemical tank ships, the targets are 13,000 dead weight tons (DWT) ships.

The purpose is to meet the international market segment.

Earlier, Sapto Basuki, Humpuss Intermoda's Corporate Secretary, said that some of the funds for purchasing will be gained from the sales of two oil tank ships whose contract terms have ended and are worth US$36 million (Rp316 billion).


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